About atecam


Terrence set out on an extraordinary journey that took him from Wall Street to becoming a seasoned authority in the field of respiratory therapy. After working on Wall Street for 15 years, he decided to follow his heart and pursue a career change, entering the field of respiratory therapy. Since 1992, Terrence has proven his commitment to this industry by developing his knowledge and emerging as a leading figure.

Terrence worked as the education coordinator at University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, for a staggering 25 years. His role was crucial in influencing the education and development of countless people working in the healthcare industry. He retired from this prestigious position in September 2017, leaving behind a legacy of wisdom and direction.

Terrence is recognized as a versatile expert in his field thanks to his expertise in adult, pediatric, and neonatal critical care. His influence extends outside of the hospital because he presents his ideas at regional and national conferences. Terrence's dedication to education inspired him to found two businesses, A & T Respiratory Lectures LLC and ATECAM LLC, whose sole purpose is to offer nurses, respiratory therapists, and other healthcare professionals continuing education.

After gaining a Master of Science in Complementary and Alternative Medicine from the American College of Health Sciences in Portland, Oregon, Terrence expanded his knowledge of medicine beyond his extensive background in conventional medicine to include Ayurvedic medicine. He has extensive knowledge in a variety of fields, including nutrition, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, and medical cannabis.

Terrence has a keen eye thanks to his distinctive combination of traditional and integrative medical experiences. He contributes to the field by providing insightful analysis of evidence-based practices in the context of integrative holistic medicine. Terrence's journey exemplifies a deep dedication to growth, learning, and all-around healing.