2024 Pennsylvania Nursing License Renewal Guide

It's critical for nurses to be knowledgeable about the 2024 nursing license renewal procedure while Pennsylvania's healthcare system struggles with workforce shortages, nurse fatigue, and relentless expectations. Your ability to practice medicine could be in danger if you miss the deadline for renewal. We at Nursing CE Central are here to give you a comprehensive manual that answers all of your questions, specifies key deadlines and regulations, and emphasizes the repercussions of failing to renew your license on time.


Every nurse in Pennsylvania is required to accrue a minimum of 8 continuing education (CE) credits. These credits are necessary to make sure that nurses retain their competence and stay current with developments in the business.

Nurses in Pennsylvania are required by law to complete suicide prevention training. Nurses can identify and help people who are at risk of committing suicide thanks to this training. It is a one-time demand.

Nursing Telemedicine Training: Completing a nursing telemedicine training course is required if you provide telehealth services. Another one-time requirement is this. Notably, the time spent completing your 8 hours of continuing education can be applied to your telemedicine training.


By providing all-inclusive solutions, Nursing CE Central goes above and beyond to simplify your 2024 Pennsylvania State Renewal process:

Nursing CE courses and certifications are available from us, making it simple for you to fulfill your CE obligations and acquire certificates for your records.

Pennsylvania State Renewal Bundle: This package has been carefully selected to meet all requirements for recurring license renewals. It gives you access to self-paced learning materials, webinars, and PSNA-approved CE programs, making it simple to fulfill your CE needs.

Additional Growth Opportunities: Take advantage of our Nurses Unlimited Plan for just $99 in addition to meeting your renewal responsibilities. With the access to webinars and self-paced materials provided by this plan, you may improve your nursing practice while earning crucial contact hours for continued professional development.

Live online CEUs and online CEUs are available from us, allowing you to expand your knowledge while earning the contact hours necessary for both personal development and job advancement. Our online CE courses and live webinars are PSNA-approved.


Even though renewing your nursing license in Pennsylvania in 2024 could seem difficult, Nursing CE Central is here to help. We not only assist you in fulfilling your renewal obligations, but we also present chances for professional development. Don't wait; begin organizing your rebirth right once to fully benefit from these possibilities. Additionally, our CE courses and certificates are easily accessible to help you on your way to renewing your license.