ATECAM NURSING CONFERENCES “Unlimited Access To Our Live Webinars And Passive Online Education”Continuing Education Program

Our company A & T Respiratory Lectures has decided to offer a great deal to our audience of Respiratory Therapist. We started a program that includes a onetime registration that included ALL our "live" webinars as well as Passive Education (self-paced). We change our content yearly to meet your needs.




This is a tutorial on how to work with this program. The assumption is that you signed up for the program and now you want to know how it works. There are four main hyperlinks once you log into the program. Obviously, the most important step is to log in. Or you will not be able to access these modules.

·         On our website, click on the red box that says unlimited ceu's. Then log in. You will notice that we have a tab called "instructions on how to use the subscription". 

There are two types of courses you can enroll in. Everything is approved by the American Association of respiratory care.

·         Live webinars (

o   Live webinars all available on selected dates. This means you must sign up for that webinar and then you need to be in attendance via zoom. when the webinar is over, you are required to complete an evaluation to get your certificate. Once you complete the evaluation your certificate is available for download. You must complete the evaluation within 48 hours.

·         Online education (

o   When you go to online education, there are list of courses that you can take. Each course typically consists of anywhere from two to five CEU's. Instructions on how to complete the online modules is located on this page. We strongly suggest that you read this before attempting to do any modules. You don't have to complete these modules in one sitting. But we strongly suggest that when you sign up for these modules you complete everything required to get your CEU's and your certificate. The courses listed have an expiration date. So if you start a module make sure you finish it within a short period of time.


·         List of courses I am rolled in that need to be completed

o   This typically is a link that will display online education courses you signed up for but did not complete. This is very important that you complete the modules and get your certificate. Remember the expiration date of online education. don't sign up for new online education unless you completed modules you already signed up for. If you don't complete courses in a timely manner, you will lose the ability to complete that course.

·         List of courses that I completed

o   This is a listing of webinars and online education courses you completed. From this menu you can print your certificate if you need to.

·         List of online education modules that I can do (

o   This link will display online education modules that you can sign up for.

·         List of upcoming live webinars that I could join (

o   This link will display webinars that you could sign up for but remember they are on a fixed date and time and not available at other times. You need to be there for the zoom meeting the whole conference to get a certificate.