Guide to 2024 Washington Nursing License Renewal

Amidst staffing shortages, burnout, and the relentless demands on Washington`s healthcare system, nurses must actively stay updated on license renewal requirements. 2024 looks to be a busy year for license renewals, and skipping the deadline can result in both administrative difficulties and the inability to practice. Our Nursing CE Central team has put together a thorough guide with answers to your most frequently asked questions, important deadlines and requirements, and the consequences of missing your renewal deadline for the 2024 Washington nursing license renewal period to assist you through this process.

Renewal Requirements:

Nurses need this education in order to recognize and help people who are at risk of committing suicide.

  • Every nurse must accrue 8 hours of continuing education (CE) credits. This requirement guarantees that nurses maintain their competence and stay current on industry developments.
  • Suicide Prevention Training: This training must be completed once and is required by law. To recognize and help people who are at risk of committing suicide, nurses need this training.
  • Nursing Telemedicine Training: You must complete a nursing telemedicine training course if you offer telehealth services. Additionally, this is a one-time demand. It`s significant that you can apply these telemedicine training hours toward your 8-hour CE requirement.

How Nursing CE Central Can Help:

The 2024 Washington State Renewal Bundle was created by Nursing CE Central to satisfy all recurrent license renewal requirements. We provide nurses with a thorough solution that streamlines the renewal procedure. Our package gives you access to webinars, self-paced materials, and PSNA-approved CE courses so you can easily and quickly complete your CE requirements.

Additional Growth Opportunities: In addition to fulfilling your renewal obligations, think about looking into professional development opportunities. For just $99, Nursing CE Central offers a Nurses Unlimited Plan that grants access to webinars and self-paced materials. You can improve your nursing practice with the aid of this plan, which can also help you learn more and rack up important contact hours for ongoing professional development. Learn more

Live Online CEUs and Online CEUs: Nursing CE Central also provides online CE courses and live webinars that have been approved by the PSNA. With these choices, you can broaden your knowledge while earning contact hours. In order to grow personally and advance your nursing career, it is essential to invest in your continuing education. Explore our courses


The 2024 Washington nursing license renewal process might seem difficult, but you can get through it easily if you have the right tools and a solid grasp of the requirements. You can advance your career and fulfill your continuing education obligations with Nursing CE Centra`s assistance. Start making plans for renewal right away to take advantage of opportunities for growth and advancement right away.