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Complementary Medicine in Cardiovascular Disease (SP)

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Over the last several decades, the use of CAM has become increasingly popular in both developed and the developing countries. A high proportion of patients using CAM believe CAM has remedial benefits and are safe compared to their prescribed treatments; this serves as a strong motivational factor for both present and future use of CAM. In addition, patients with CVD might be more likely to seek CAM treatments to decrease the psychological stress associated with this condition. Misconceptions regarding their efficacy have largely driven the popularity of these products whereas the adverse effects have been underreported. In disadvantaged societies where access to biomedical services is poor, the reliance on traditional/herbal medicines is more. In affluent population CAM is more used for disease prevention and health promotion. Data from the National Health Interview Surveys (NHIS) reported that 38% of adults in the USA were using CAM therapy in 2007 and among those 36% had CVD.


ATECAM has developed a series of easily accessible and affordable educational courses focused on various aspects of Integrative Therapy initiatives. The course content is designed and presented by experts in the field.

Complementary Medicine in Cardiovascular Disease :

This course is approved for 1 Nusring Contact Hour. You must complete the module to get your certificate. You will have a 10 question comprehensive post test at the end. You must acheive a passing score of 70%. You can retake the test as many time as you want. Remember, each course has a PDF download and questions are based on the the content in the PDF.

Course Objectives

  1. What is complementary and alternative medicine?

  2. Describe the role of CAM therapies in Heart Disease.

  3. Risk factors of CAM therapises.

  4. Describe different disease condtions where CAM is evidence based.

  • Complementary Medicine in Cardiovascular Disease 
    Terrence Shenfield MS, RRT-ACCS, RPFT, NPS, AE-C 
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Course Originally Released on 10/30/23

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