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Discover Your Unique Mind-Body Type: What's Your Dosha?

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Ayurveda is an ancient healing system that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. It is a nature-based philosophy where one discovers their own unique mind-body type and learns to make lifestyle choices in harmony with that type. These types, or Doshas, are derived from various combinations of five elements that make up everything we experience in creation – from the thoughts we think, to the table at which we are sitting. When one learns about the energetics of their Dosha and where imbalances are occurring, they are better able to make food and lifestyle choices that are in harmony with their unique nature to restore, maintain balance, and support healing on every level of body, mind, heart, and spirit.  

ATECAM has developed a series of easily accessible and affordable educational courses focused on various aspects of Ayurvedic Medicine in nursing care. The course content is designed and presented by experts in the field.

Discover Your Unique  Mind-Body Type: What's Your Dosha?:

This course is approved for 1 Nusring Contact Hour. You must complete the module to get your certificate. You will have a 10 question comprehensive post test at the end. You must acheive a passing score of 70%. You can retake the test as many time as you want. Remember, each course has a PDF download and questions are based on the the content in the PDF.

Course Objectives

  1. Know how a Dosha quiz is used in Ayurvedic Medicine
  2. Know how the five elements combine to form the three Doshas or constitutional types and how they express in the mind and physiology
  3. Describe the benefits of learning the energetics that predominate in one’s unique mind-body constitution
  4. Discover your own Dosha as well as where imbalances are occurring in your mind-body constitution.

Course Insructions

Please download the course material file ( PDF) "DoshaQuiz_Combined All Sections"

This is will you the basis for understanding the presentation

Course content

  • Discover Your Unique  Mind-Body Type: What's Your Dosha?
    Dr. Joanna Carmichael, RN, BSN
  • Watch this YouTube video for course content  59 minutes
  • Note: PDF of the topic will be available in the "Material" Section

Course Originally Released on : 10/30/23

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